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No matter which type of spa or hot tub you want installed or where you want it installed, Olson’s Spa Service has the experience and knowledge you need to get your spa or hot tub installed right the first time. Every installation gets one-on-one service from the owner of Olson’s Spa Service.

Why Trust Us With Your Installation?

- We guarantee we’ll meet your local code requirements

- We’ll take care of all electrical hookups

- We’ll help you find the best and safest place for your spa

- We’ll meet your electrical safety requirements

- We’ll help you understand how to maintain your spa

- We also sell accessories to help with maintenance

- We can perform all maintenance for you

- We’re easy to call for repairs in the next years to come

We're a local, family-owned company that guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Call us today for your quality spa installation!


Every installation is different. That’s why we’re prepared to help no matter where your spa will be located. We even offer crane services to help with upper level installation.

Access To A Huge Inventory!

- We’ll help avoid damage to your home

- We’ll help avoid damage to the spa or hot tub itself

- We can install in upper levels

- We can install in upper decks

- We can lift over other houses and fences

- We can lift over driveways and other obstructions

- We’ll help keep your property intact

- Our prices can’t be beat

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